Month: February 2020

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Different Look/Different People

We are all fake! Lets just be real. Everyone judges someone else for anything that they do or have. Some of us try not to but it happens. I have been looking like a bum for a while because I am lazy. (No offense to bums or anyone else, I don’t judge) Maybe I shouldn’t […]

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People Thinking Im a Bitch

Let me start out by (lol) at these people. Why do people assume so fast without getting to know someone. I know people think I am a bitch because of how I look. My face 100% says it all. I look like I never want to be bothered which is true but damn. Let me […]

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Resting Bitch Face

Oh my favorite of the faces. I love the resting bitch face because that is my permanent face. It say ” don’t mess with me or don’t try me” without you having to say anything. People take you serious. You need to have a strong face because you don’t want people to walk over you. […]

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Interesting Virus (Corona “COVID-19”) *Must Read*

COVID-19 standing Corona Virus Disease 19, is a really interesting virus. I was inspired to write this post after watching the current updated news about it. (You can watch most of the virus stories on the YouTube channel of “DW NEWS”) They tell it all. This has definitely surpassed SARS by a long shot. They […]

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Working on Yourself

Take time time rebuild yourself mentally and physically. You can start by waking up earlier and going for a walk or stretching. I woke up at 5:30 am and stretched so I can go to the gym at 6:00 am. I worked out in the gym for 30 minutes and walked around the campus for […]

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Using Your Backbone

I am writing this post because I did something today that forced me to use my backbone. I was complaining to my sister about my roommate because she is really gross to live with. I hate to use the word gross but she leave open pads in my trash can, hair in the drain and […]

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The Big One!

This is my 100th post! Woah. Who would have thought that I can talk about 100 things. I found out that I am more interesting than I thought. I have so much more to talk about.

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Stay safe people. You never know who is watching or listening. Men and women. The obsession with stalking is astonishing. One’s obsession with a person, place or thing. I should have just said a “noun”. Why make someone so uncomfortable that they have to call the cops on you for you to get the big […]

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Scary Thing About Webcams

As I am typing this post, I keep looking at my webcam. I hate it. I truly believe that people spy on you. Hackers or whatever. This is my new laptop so I haven’t covered the camera yet with colored duck tape. I do that because I am paranoid. I also hate looking at my […]

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To sum the up the title “Living Life”. That is what you have to do to live. You have to actually do things. Doing things you like, not just for the money. Changing your attitude to better your health and others around you. No one wants a negative nancy around them. Doing everything you can […]

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