Lurking Around (Creeps)

“He is such a creep”, why does he look like a creep”, “ugh creep”, “girl, I swear he is a creep”. I have heard and said it all. My definition of a creep is any guy who doesn’t respect females and acts gross around you. They watch you with a creepy look that is not flattering whatsoever. I’m sure there are many definitions. As a single female, I have to right to talk about this. Men need to realize that this is not like back in the day, we don’t take shit anymore. Some men think that because they are bigger mean they are more powerful. NO! I will forever think that women are stronger no matter what. We put up with more.

There is a difference when a guy is look at you and a guy who is looking through you (the creep). Usually a guy who likes you would smile and stare but not for too long. The creep would just stare the whole time and watch your every move. Ugh, it’s so creepy. This might be funny but I used to think that if I saw a guy too many times around that he was a stalker. To be honest, I still kind of believe it but that is not always the case. Men need to respect women more. That’s the real case. Not all men are creeps, it’s just those who don’t know when to stop.

In the movies you see a guy lurking through the books at a girl in the library. That is creepy but can also be a crush however if she doesn’t know, she will get the wrong idea. When you see something like that, you shouldn’t brush it off. Walk away and tell someone because sometimes it gets out of hand. That is why you have to look at people around you. You never know!


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