Being A Strong Woman Does Not Mean You Should Lower Your Standards

I am so tired of people putting down strong driven women. Just because there are some women who have high standards. Let me break it to you, they have high standards because they have worked for it. Since there are many single powerful business women, doctors, college students and so many more, people think that their standards are too high. I say this because I have seen and watched it. People break up because of this. They say that you should lower your standards and they are wrong. You can’t be mad if this woman want someone who has a education and who is goal driven.

I have high standards because I want to live a nice life without worrying. Im pretty sure it is possible to live without big worries guys. People who say it;s impossible have given up and I wouldn’t talk to you. To be honest, women are more educated than men but they still say they are the breadwinners. Okay! “Women Empowerment”

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