Hot Guy Over-Load

I currently live in Arkansas and where I go to college are hot guys everywhere. Im not joking. I might have a problem because I stare a lot and boy are they fine. They are all so tall and cute eyes, hair and everything else. You know, Im not gonna say all but almost all. (I don’t judge but some are…you know) I be thinking sometimes like “how don’t I have a boyfriend yet?” I think I might just be nervous because they are all so cute.(most) Me and a friend were being funny and she has a tinder. I don’t because I don’t like online dating because you can meet some weirdos. I got the app and was already nervous and it got weird. People profiles bios are just dumb and not interesting. If your gonna tell me in your bio that you are looking for a girlfriend but you are already married to the money, bye. That was actually someones bio. I was looking on it to be funny. I deleted the app because I didn’t like it. I will just have to let it come naturally to me I guess. I might have a guy problem because I love looking at them. My next post will be about when I was attempting to find a sugar daddy but backed out. (lol)

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