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Different Look/Different People

We are all fake! Lets just be real. Everyone judges someone else for anything that they do or have. Some of us try not to but it happens. I have been looking like a bum for a while because I am lazy. (No offense to bums or anyone else, I don’t judge) Maybe I shouldn’t have said bums. (lol) Today I felt like I wanna dress up and look nice. I also dressed up yesterday. Boy are people fake. People smile at you and tell you that you look nice but they don’t say that when you don’t dress up. I have been in a good mood because I feel good but I am smiling so fake and taking the compliments. In my head I am thinking “what about two days ago?” Your real friends wouldn’t care, they would say that you look a mess and need to change. Im at a new school so I don’t have close friends like that yet. I really need them because I need to know if I need to stop dressing bad. It’s crazy how much we actually care about someones image or what they wear. We all need to focus on ourselves and stop worrying about other people.

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