Interesting Virus (Corona “COVID-19”) *Must Read*

COVID-19 standing Corona Virus Disease 19, is a really interesting virus. I was inspired to write this post after watching the current updated news about it. (You can watch most of the virus stories on the YouTube channel of “DW NEWS”) They tell it all. This has definitely surpassed SARS by a long shot. They even have a video on that channel that talks about the Chinese government labs being the ones who might have let the virus “get” out. (Or let the virus out) They say the labs have bats in there and bats are the ones with that virus. They haven’t confirmed it. They did confirm that the Chinese reported is still missing. That is sad that people can tell the truth and get punished. Everyone knows what happen. There was a video on that as well say that the Chinese government basically handles it when information gets out.

So much information. In one video that the missing reporter managed to record revealed people in bodies bags that had the virus just thrown in a van. That is insane. They don’t care. Of course you don’t want the virus to get out but they act like they don’t care. The Chinese population is worsening and their Communist Government act like we don’t know what’s going on. At this point every government should just stop lying because the people knows what is going on. We aren’t slow. To think that you can tell the truth and face consequences is crazy. That is not fair.

My theory about the doctor who founded the disease and ended up dying because of it, is that he was handled by the chinese government. I say this because he also went public and people said they want answers to his death. I believed that he found it and they put him in the room with it. That is just what I think because the government is really powerful and creative. Ugh, it’s just so sad. I am really sad to those people who had and are still going through that. It feels weird because to actually be alive during something like this. “I am disgusted by how they are handling it, I am disgusted because so many truths about how the governments corrupt everything are coming out and I am disgusted because I already knew it but didn’t want to believe it.

The video of the body bags were disturbing but it showed just how they treat those people. Just because they have passed doesn’t give you the right to do that. No matter how many people go missing because of them telling the truth, people around the world are seeing it and finding out the truth. There is a thing called karma and they will have their if that is true.


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