The Dumbest Project Ever *Warning: You Might Get Offended* (The Wall)

Full Disclosure: This is my personal opinion. I have a voice just like everyone else does so please respect me and anyone else.

You wanna know something, I have always said that Donald Trump will get impeached for these stupid ideas. He has been lasting somehow. During all of this Impeachment trial, cases and Investigation, I started saying “he will be Impeached”. I still won’t understand how a president that is on the verge or even be accused of a crime able to still make decisions. I am talking about when he gave the order to kill the general. How can someone in his situation make those big decisions still. They keep putting in the news about the impeachment trial, at this point I am over it.

The trump administration has continued with the wall. They are adding an additional $3.8 billion dollars into the wall. They are literally taking $7.2 billion dollars out of military funding for this project. Wow, that is insane because they have already put so much money in it and it’s not even complete. Is it really that serious?

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