Scary Thing About Webcams

As I am typing this post, I keep looking at my webcam. I hate it. I truly believe that people spy on you. Hackers or whatever. This is my new laptop so I haven’t covered the camera yet with colored duck tape. I do that because I am paranoid. I also hate looking at my phone camera when I am not taking a picture. How do hackers do it? Why do they it? Weirdos. I also think other people like high up are spying. (G*********) You know what that is without knowing. I recently was looking up medical schools and one called me and asked me why I wanted to become a doctor and all this information. I was so nervous but I will talk about it in another post. I signed up for information to that certain medical school and ever since then, I keep getting ads on YouTube about them. I get them on my old computer and it’s weird. I keep getting these ads, and video ads on that one school. They are watching, there is nothing else to say.

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