To sum the up the title “Living Life”. That is what you have to do to live. You have to actually do things. Doing things you like, not just for the money. Changing your attitude to better your health and others around you. No one wants a negative nancy around them. Doing everything you can to better others. Helping others who are in need and not judging them. This generation is so damn judgmental for the wrong reason. People judge homeless people like they asked to be homeless. If you are a person like that, shame on you. Focus on yourself and no one else. That is how you succeed.

As I get older, I am realizing more of what is important. I am only 21 but I use to be childish and now I only focus on myself. It feels good. Blogging about it helps me. I learn as I go. This might sound selfish but I am getting an education for me. Not for my future kids but me. I don’t even know if I want kids so how can I answer that. I hate when I hear people say “you work for your future kids and family”. No, you are working so you can have a life you want and don’t have to depend on anyone. life is really challenging. This feels like a game of sims, how ironic. God literally put us here to see what we can create and that is exactly what sims is. That is cool and a little bit scary.

That is why you can’t keep saying “I will do it tomorrow” because tomorrow might not come. People die everyday from the oddest things and they never even saw it coming. How depressing. Death is scary but I bet they wish they did something different. You see people on their death beds talking about the past life and how they wish they did this and that and it just makes you think about your life. No matter what age you are, you can do whatever you want. -Stay Positive

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