Body Movements For The Weekend

It’s really good to stay active. I found out that I love working out more. I now go about 4 times every week and on the weekend. I had a really good cardio and weight workout for 45 minutes. I like to incorporate different things to my workouts to make them fun. I played racket ball today for 15 minutes. Now that is a fun exhausting activity. It’s just like tennis except you are hitting the balls off the walls. It’s fun and you can get a nice sweat in as well. That is a perfect game to do with friends or by yourself. I played by myself because no one was working out that early. It was 9am which is why I don’t know how people can stay asleep. I wake up naturally at 6am. Doing yoga in the morning is good so you can get a nice stretch. It helps the muscles and wakes you up. Anything that gets you moving is perfect. Stay Active and Positive.

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