Walking Dead

I know I said that I was gonna do just love posts but aside from Valentine Day, This was my title all week. I did get up today so I can look nice but I have literally been a zombie all week. College is taking a big toll on me this semester so I try to stay positive but I hate getting out of bed. It’s true that when you go to a new school, you try to do everything perfect. You get to class first but I have surpassed it. I am now always late. (lol) I just hate mornings but I also don’t want night classes. I just can’t be happy.

Everyone has these moments and don’t act like you don’t liar. I still can’t believe I let myself get like that this week. Like it was bad you guys. I was laughing because of how bad I looked. There is nothing wrong with zombies, I like them. They move at a nice pace and keep it moving. I can’t judge them unless they really are real. (Creepy)

Walking Dead
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