“Single” on Valentines Day

What! There are so many people single on “Valentines Day”. Nowadays no one cares. You don’t need a partner on the most romantic day of the year to be happy. (In a singles voice) Just kidding, but you don’t. There are many things you can do today. You can watch romantic comedy movies. You can watch breakup movies. Someone pain might be your pleasure. You never know. I look at cutesy couples and roll my eyes because they are so freaking cute. So much PDA on Valentines Day. Get away from me. If you get sad, just be happy and buy yourself some flowers and taunt your singleness in their face because you didn’t settle down yet.

Being single on Valentines Day doesn’t mean you have to stay in either. Go partying and drinking (responsibly) with your friends. I actually wanna go clubbing because I have never been because I have see too much stuff that goes on there. You can make yourself or order in some dinner and just relax at home alone. You don’t wanna go out to eat at a restaurant on Valentines Day being single. Trust me, it is so depressing because there are couple everywhere. They do have single bars for people though. That sounds fun and risky if you ask me. Anyways, being single doesn’t mean you have to be sad today. “Happy Valentines Day”

Valentines day hearts

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