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“Animal Love” on Valentines Day

I can’t forget all the beautiful animals today. Animals have loved ones and partners. Take swans for example, they only have one love and they can die without them. That is so heartbreaking but it also so beautiful. I love animals with their lovers. It’s so different from us but they also protect their loved ones. Birds are so beautiful as couples because they actually show their affection. They dance and express themselves. I wish a guy would do that for me. I love watching all those documentaries. How can a bird make you jealous on Valentines Day but they always find a way. Animals seem to have it together more than we do. “Happy valentines Day”

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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