Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

I love listening to podcasts. I listen to them all day anywhere. It keeps me up to date on everything because I also listen to the latest news. Podcasts give out entertaining and helpful information. I like to listen to the news, scary stories, reviews and funny life stuff. Here are my top 5 favorite podcasts…

  1. Global News Podcasts-( This is my #1 favorite podcasts. This podcasts is about the news. They keep you up to date on everything around the world. I listen to this podcast every morning so I know what is going on. This is the go to podcasts.)
  2. Call Her Daddy-( This podcast is extremely explicit but it gives very good, crazy, entertaining advice about dating, sex, relationships and so much more. It really is a wild podcasts but it’s so entertaining.)
  3. Dateline NBC-( I love watching ID Discovery so this podcast is perfect if you like the real scary stories. There are some crazy people in this world and I love hearing about it.)
  4. Murder Myth & Mystery-( This podcast is so spooky. They talk about real stories and they make up spooky stories. I love murder mysteries because I really get scared.)
  5. Now Playing Podcast-( They only talk about Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They review and compare the movies. They are so funny and you end up thinking about the movies yourself.)

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