Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

I love listening to podcasts. I listen to them all day anywhere. It keeps me up to date on everything because I also listen to the latest news. Podcasts give out entertaining and helpful information. I like to listen to the news, scary stories, reviews and funny life stuff. Here are my top 5 favorite podcasts…

  1. Global News Podcasts-( This is my #1 favorite podcasts. This podcasts is about the news. They keep you up to date on everything around the world. I listen to this podcast every morning so I know what is going on. This is the go to podcasts.)
  2. Call Her Daddy-( This podcast is extremely explicit but it gives very good, crazy, entertaining advice about dating, sex, relationships and so much more. It really is a wild podcasts but it’s so entertaining.)
  3. Dateline NBC-( I love watching ID Discovery so this podcast is perfect if you like the real scary stories. There are some crazy people in this world and I love hearing about it.)
  4. Murder Myth & Mystery-( This podcast is so spooky. They talk about real stories and they make up spooky stories. I love murder mysteries because I really get scared.)
  5. Now Playing Podcast-( They only talk about Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They review and compare the movies. They are so funny and you end up thinking about the movies yourself.)


Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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