Top 5 Favorite Classic TV Shows

Classic TV shows are the best. I love the theme songs and the comedy was so much better then. Live audiences are so much better. Here are my favorite classics…

  1. Cheers-( Yesssssssss! This is my all time favorite show. I am watching the show while Im typing this posts. I love the jokes and the time period. I know everything about the show and I almost passed out when I found out that there is a real cheers bar. The bar is in Boston on the exact location as the show. I literally cannot believe it. I put it on my bucket list. I need to go. )
  2. Fraiser-( I love this show so much because the main star “Fraiser” came from cheers and both shows had 11 seasons. It’s just straight comedy with the best jokes. I can literally watch them everyday and I am not joking. I have seen every episode and every season.)
  3. Friends-(Everyone love friends. I would be so shocked if you haven’t seen this show. This is such a classic comedy. My favorite character is chandler bing. He is so sarcastic and made the best jokes. I also have the set of friends on my bucket lists.)
  4. That 70’s Show-( Come on, this is the show. I love the cast and comedy. It’s so hard because I want to watch them all at once. I have seen all episodes of this show and still watch it. They are funny dumb teenagers who do some crazy things.)
  5. The Andy Griffith Show-( I loved how the show started off as black and white and then go color within the seasons. It cool to think that they were working on that back then while filming this show. This is a really old show but it is a favorite.)

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