The Perfect Guy?

It is so hard to find the perfect guy. (In a whisper tone) Now I know that you shouldn’t look for a specific guy but I just want someone that makes me feel happy and that can make me laugh. I am very specific with my life so I am looking for someone who also have plans after college. It isn’t easy looking for the perfect guy in college. That is why I said that I was gonna stop and focus on my education and maybe he will come to me. I personally think that women should be specific because these men aren’t serious. Someone has to be.

Think about how it use to be. Women were forced to marry someone they didn’t know at all. How awkward it must have been for them to have kids with a stranger. The man you marry should be special and you should want to love him for the right reasons. It is true that there is no perfect guy because there is no perfect woman. This is my belief of a perfect guy…

  • He Cares-( He listens to you and your ideas. He won’t judge you unless you have been dating for a while and your comfortable together at that point.)
  • Honesty-( Such an important part of a relationship. There should be honesty on both sides.)
  • He is Funny-( I love funny people. You might be funny and think your not. Every girl loves a funny guy. It’s refreshing.)
  • He Has Plans-( This is tough because many people don’t plan things out. I want to find someone who has real plans for his future.)
  • Doesn’t Care How You Look-( I am talking about makeup, no makeup, weave, natural hair, long hair, short hair, no hair, weight, height, size and more. You shouldn’t judge people. You should love them for who they are.)

That is pretty much it for me. I might sound really specific but with all the crazy things going on today, you have to be. I will be damned if I barely knew something about a guy and he put his hands on me but that will be for another post. Stay tuned and keep searching.

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