Living in Fear “The Reality”

Ever since the news of the virus, I haven’t been able to think straight. I am all over the place. I look at people who cough even though I know it’s not here. It’s scary because the news scare you. I am a person who take what’s going on in the world seriously so I have no choice but to be curious and worried. I read books on viruses, climate change, disease and so much more. The librarians probably think Im crazy. They once asked me if I was writing a paper. (lol) I said, “no just curious”. There should be this kind of worried feeling because after that tragedy in Australia when all those beautiful animals died because of that horrific fire and the fire in the Amazon it only got worst. Australia is now dealing with high winds and floods and now the virus. They have just been hit with everything.

California with the fire that made it look exactly like hell was insane. Climate change is here, fires are here, floods are here and diseases are here all together. That would make anyone go insane. Have you ever seen the movie “The day after tomorrow”? It was crazy but this is what that reminds me of. You shouldn’t have to live in fear but there is so much going on that it makes you want to.


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