Day 30: Diet and Workout

Today is the big 30. Like I said at the beginning, I wasn’t doing this to lose weight but to feel better. I liked it and I will continue this. I stopped eating animal meat except seafood. I am now a pescatarian. It actually wasn’t hard at all to stop eating meat because they had so many different options. Now, I am gonna slow down on the white breads , white rice and pasta. It’s so easy for me to go into the cafe and eat something without meat. I have also stopped eating fried foods and sodas. I am proud of it because I don’t crave it. I started back going to the gym today as well. I have been slowing down last couple of day due to menstrual cramps but I am better now. I had a snack today from starbuck that I love. I ordered a almond croissant. For breakfast I ate…

Cheerios w/ raisins and granola, eggs, 1 biscuit and a banana

For lunch I ate… 1 Black Bean Veggie Burger and a Bowl of Fruit

My workout today was simple because I did 30 minutes of activity. I did…

20 Minutes playing Racket Ball

10 Minutes Power Walk on Treadmill

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