Types of Roommates

  • Loud/ Extra-( These are the type of people who just don’t care how loud they are no matter what. They want you to hear their conversations. There are people who talk about the craziest things out loud and it just leaves you in shock. Like, keep it to yourself. They play loud music and sing out loud. It might annoy some people but if you are rooming with a stranger, you might wanna be respectful to them until your both comfortable with one another. )
  • Quiet/ Shy-( They might be quiet, they might be shy or both. Some people just want their private space in the quietness. That is why you should be careful on who you room with. In college you meet so many different people and you will find out exactly what you like. Just because someone is quiet doesn’t give anyone to judge them as well because who knows why their quiet.)
  • Funny/ Entertaining-( Everyone loves fun roommates. They make you laugh and keep you company. They are good friends and will be long lasting friends. They try to bring the mood up when everyone is down. They are just the life of the party. There might be downfalls but at the end of the day they are really good roommates.)
  • Rude/Mean-( These people have inner problems and that is it. They are generally mean to everyone and judges them for no reason because they don’t like themselves. People who just touches others belongings and don’t care. They make fun of you to their friends and don’t care. You don’t want these roommates because it won’t end well.)
  • Nasty/Dirty-( Uhhh! I said that because I have seen it all. No one wants to room with someone who doesn’t clean up after themselves. It’s crazy because in college everyone is old enough to clean up but some still don’t. I don’t understand why girls wash their hair and don’t get it out the drain afterwards. It’s so annoying. If this is you, you need to respect your roommate because they also live there and don’t wanna clean up after you. They don’t now you like that. Get it together!)
  • Friendly/ Sisters– (These are the best of the best. These are they type of roommates who you rely on. They end up being like your sister. Wanna know something? That is your best friend. When you can talk to someone so comfortably and you two have seen it all together then there you go. There is no more to say. I had this type of roommate and I love her. I still call her my sister.)

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      1. My roommate is the complete opposite and is the reason why I made the post. She doesn’t clean up after herself and I am the quiet one😂

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