Do You Have a Real Goal?

Well do you? A real goal is something that you actually want to achieve. I will tell you my main goal. My real main goal is to become a Obstetrician/ Gynecologist. I am currently in college on my junior year working toward it. I transferred from a 2 year college so now I am working on the other half of my biology degree. I am trying to get a medical internship for the summer because medical school looks for it all. I will start my studying for the MCAT this week as well. The scariest test in the world which is 9.5 hours. That is insane but it will be worth it. I also wanna grow my blog because I like giving out good advice. That is my #1 main goal and it is what I am currently working on. So, do you?

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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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