Day 27: Horrible Cheat Meal

Let me first tell you guys why it was so bad! I swear I got food poising. My stomach still hurts at this point. My cheat meal was “Chinese Food”. It was my first time eating Chinese food in this city so I don’t know whats good and whats not. Im never eating there again. I ordered “General Tso Shrimp w/ Shrimp Lo Mein”. It was 100% the shrimp! They said the meal comes with rice which I said vegetable fried rice but I wasn’t fried. The lo mein was awful. It was so much food for no reason. They put in soggy lettuce with the noodles so it ruined it. I can’t get the shrimp out of my mind. I was already cramping and the food just made it worst. I didn’t eat anything else after that..

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