Asian Street Food *You Might/Will Get Triggered*

Just like the title says, you might not like what I have to say but they are my personal opinions. I talk to my sisters about this a lot because I watch a lot of street food videos on YouTube. With all this coronavius going around, the stuff I talk about will make sense. I have never eaten nor will I ever eat street food personally because I just don’t think it’s sanitary. The food looks so good but it’s sitting outside all day. Meat outside, seafood outside, deserts outside all day. I have seen so many videos and they don’t even look like they are all the way clean. Aside from that, what they eat is astonishing. Now I am talking about the crazy stuff they sell in those markets. Like, unfamiliar sea creatures. It is a true fact that everything should not be eatened!

One of the videos from the Wuhan China street food markets that was on the news showed everything I just talked about plus more. They sold skinned birds and there were dogs in cages. I swear, I said they eat dog in china and I knew it. They called them “Raccoon dogs”. Even if your eating a raccoon then you need to be slapped. In that video, I saw a small dog in a cage for sale on a food table not by other dogs. Get out of my face! You don’t eat thoseeeeee! OMG. There are some sad videos about that topic in China and it’s gruesome. I have always said “no one is that hungry” and I was correct. In those street markets, they sell just about every thing. Weird creatures that no one knows what it is should not be eaten. That’s so weird because they have so much food. I think the dog just made me even more mad because the video was just so sad.

I don’t care what you say, those Asian countries should not eat those weird things because things like this happens. I knew one day that something was gonna happen. Did you know that the Coronavirus is originally found in bats? Now, if you are eating a bat then you need to be slapped by every walking person and then that bats family with their wings because your stupid. Even though that virus was originated in that market, I still wouldn’t wish this catastrophe on anyone.


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