Day 25: Diet and Workout

I felt a little better today. Classes are more stressful and the weather is still bad but Im better. I ate breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. For my snack, I treated myself to a Starbucks lemon pound cake with a watermelon lemonade. For breakfast I ate…

Eggs, 1 Piece of French Toast, potatoes, Cheerios w/ Granola and soy milk and a Banana

For lunch I ate…1 Veggie Burger, potatoes,Salad, Pasta w/ Seafood Sauce

The seafood sauce is so good that I had it for dinner as well. For dinner I ate… 1 Veggie Burger, Pasta and seafood sauce, cantelope, melon

I hope I spelled the fruit right. (lol) Just to let you guys know, the burgers aren’t burnt, they are black bean veggie burgers. They are so good. I went to the gym today before dinner. My workout was…

Warm up Stretch

2 Minute Plank

50 Crunches

Walked 2 Laps

Ran 1 Lap

20 Push ups

50 Squats

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