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Day 23: Diet and Workout

Why does it always rain in the south? We had so much rain today and it just bring the mood down. I guess I shouldn’t complain because some people never get rain. Today was a gloomy day and it poured down raining. I mean sideways raining. An umbrella was useless even though I didn’t have one. I still managed to make it to the gym. I thought of having a rest day tomorrow because my legs are so sore. I am having cramps at this moment so I might not eat anything for dinner. I hate eating on a bloated stomach so my dinner will be a pain reliever peel and some water while I’m blogging. I couldn’t even finish none of my food today. For breakfast, I ate…

1 Banana, 1 bagel w/ peanut butter (literally a couple of bites) , eggs, and 1 biscuit

I got full so fast I think because of the bagel. I think I’m gonna cut back on those bagels and biscuits. It was raining so much, so I went to the gym before lunch. I got out of class early and the lunch cafe wasn’t open yet so I just went to the gym. I worked out hard. It was so painful because of my workout yesterday. I am proud that I got a longer plank in though. About 30 seconds more. My workout was…

1 Minute Stretch

1 Minute and 30 Seconds Plank

40 Crunches

Walked 2 Laps

Ran 1 Lap

40 Squats

30 Pushups

5 Minutes on Treadmill

I sweated a lot and now Im gonna rest for a day. I went to get some lunch afterward. For lunch I ate…

1 Veggie Burger with Sauteed Mushrooms, Hummus, a Salad and Water

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