Day 22: Diet and Workout

Today was great. The weather finally feels amazing. I had a wonderful day. I ate breakfast, snack and lunch. I had a good workout as well as playing racket ball. For breakfast I ate…

A bowl of cheerios w/ granola and soy milk, eggs, 1 piece of french toast (I ate like 2 bites), 2 bananas

I like to get full off breakfast because I won’t be hungry during the day. I had a snack from starbucks after. I ate…

1 almond croissant, a medium iced guava white tea

That drink is so good and I am in love with those croissants. For lunch I ate…

1 veggie burger without the bun, rice, seasoned zucchini, 1 sweet potato and a salad

That was a really good meal. I love sweet potatoes and that zucchini was so good. I went to the gym after I let my stomach rest to workout. I did…

1 Minute Stretch

1 Minute Plank ( I’m getting better at holding my weight.)

Walked 2 Laps

Ran 1 Lap

30 Squats

20 Pushups

6 Minutes on Stair Master

10 Shoulder Press ( 58lbs)

10 Pec Fly ( 68 lbs)

20 Minute Playing Racket Ball

Ran up stairs

10 burpees

I am getting better at increasing my activity and doing more. I like different games that you have to run around for. I am proud of myself.

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