Day 21: Diet and Workout

It feels amazing outside and Im happy because of it. I ate brunch and dinner today. I also want to the gym for 45-1 hour to do various workouts. I weighed myself after my workout and Im happy. I slimmed down 6 pounds with this diet and workout so far. Im gonna keep going because I have a goal I want to reach. For brunch I ate…

Eggs, 1 Pancake, Potato Chunks, 1 Biscuit, Mashed Potatoes and a Salad

I got full after that. I went to the gym a couple of hours after to workout. I did…

Walked 2 Laps

Ran 1 Lap

25 Squats

15 Pushups

30 Crunches

5 Minute Jog on machine

30 Second Plank

5 Minutes on Stair Master

10 Burpees

6 Minute Stretch

After that intense workout, I went to eat dinner. I ate…

Veggie Pasta, Potatoes, Sauteed Mushrooms, 1 Veggie Burger and a salad w/ Water


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