5 Favorite Horror Movies

I wanted to make some fun posts on things I love. I love horror movies because I like to get scared. I hate watching them alone because they’re to scary but I love watching them with my sister. You see how I said (sister) instead of sisters because we are the only ones who like them. Anyways, to the movies. My top five horror movies are…

  1. Halloween-( This is my all time favorite movie. I love Michael Myers because for some reason, you cant kill him. He doesn’t talk and he just kills anyone who gets in way. I hated the remake they did because it was in the new days which ruined it. The movie was first made in the late 70’s (1978) which made the movie amazing. To be honest, I love older movies. In the first Halloween, the acting wasn’t the best which is why I loved it. They have a total of 13 Halloween movies and I have seen all of them. Every time there was a new Halloween movie, his mask got better too.This is really the best horror movie. I really should make a post about this movie and the newer one. Gosh I hated the remake so much. I love Michael Myers!)

2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre– ( This is a favorite but this is by far the scariest movie I have ever seen. I can never watch this alone. Even the title picture is scary. I swear to you guys, I love the movie or what I see with my eyes close through the entire movie. That is what makes a good movie. Till this day, I have never watched that movie full without covering my eyes. When he cuts the girl boyfriend face off and wears it, hurts me. It was the scariest scene in any movie, I swear to everything. I still pause it on that scene and scare my sister. Go check it out for your self. if you don’t believe me!)

3. Terrifer and All Hallows Eve-( I put both because they’re both the same. I think he kills the next Halloween year. Thank god there are only two of these movies. First of all, I hate clowns and then at that they make him black and white. He just kills like there is no other. He doesn’t kill like a normal person but like a maniac. He literally slaughters in the crazies ways. Literally gives you nightmares!)

4. Scream-(I love every scream movie. They are amazing. I could watch them all day. I still get scared at the jump scares for some reason because they aren’t that scary. I might just be a scary person. This movie also has the best iconic line in any movie. “What’s your favorite scary movie”)

5. The Boy-( This movie was so scary because of the jump scares. They were the best. I love the trailer for this movie. If you haven’t watched it, you need to now!)

These are my top 5 favorite horror movies. The best and scariest title picture goes to “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. I love horror movies. Just like scream says, “What’s your favorite scary movie?”


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