Day 16: Diet and Workout

My pants are feeling looser and I’m happy. I am not doing this diet for weight loss but to feel healthy and look healthy. I think Im gonna go to 30 days and then continue from there. I feel good. I don’t miss meat at all. For breakfast I ate a banana. I was almost late to class but I wanted to eat something. If I snack on something today, it will be sunflower seeds, animal crackers, or some cheese crackers.

I had a nice lunch and got full. I went to the gym afterwards to do a really good workout. For lunch I ate…

1 Veggie Burger without the bun, rice with squash and black bean chili and a salad

After a nice lunch, I went to the gym. I got a really sweaty workout. I am tired but I feel good. My workout was….

16 minute incline power walk on treadmill (1mile)

Walk- 2 1/2 Laps

Run- 2 Laps

1 minute stretch

(30) Pec Fly

(10) Shoulder Press

(10) lunge Stretch

4 minute walk cool down


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