Type of Liars

Lying is such a normal thing now between the two sexes. We all lie. Some people take it to the max and some tell minor lies. People who do crimes lie to the max because they don’t wanna go to jail but they take it so far. Here are the types of liars…

The Bad Liar– They never know how to tell a lie. They tell lies that they don’t remember or lies that don’t make sense. I am a bad liar. People who are bad liars, never need to lie because you get caught to fast.

Aggressive Liars– These are the type of people who are lawyers. They lie to get answers. They have to get aggressive for their clients. There are also regular people who lie aggresively so they can feel like they are right.

Clueless Liars– These liars think about the lies wile they are lying. It’s so funny because they can’t lie so they try while lying if that make sense. People who are forced to lie do this.

Good Liars– These are the best of the best. They can really convince you about anything even if it’s not real. Some serial killers are the best liars because they can convince themselves that its true. That is so crazy.

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