Day: January 26, 2020

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Day 14: Diet and Workout

Today has been really crazy. Just because of all this virus news and deaths. I stay updated and it’s so insane and crazy. Anyways, I had a good meal today for breakfast and dinner. For lunch I ate… Eggs, 1 Pancake, 1 Biscuit, potatoes and a Salad I got really full and I also had […]

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annoyed Life

Animals vs People

Sorry to say but I love animals more than people. Way more. There is just something about animals. They are cute!!!!!! I love watching nature and animal documentaries because the animals are so cute. Humans can take care of themselves, animals can’t so it makes them better. I want a dog so bad because they […]

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Two Sides To Everyone

You know the movie “US” was really true about some things. We all have two sides to us. My theory is that there is another dimension where the other side us come out just like the movie. If you are calm and happy. You never have problems. In the light, you are a happy virus […]

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annoyed Life

Hanging Out With Guys vs Girls

Why is it always weird when the opposite sex hangout. Females will talk about another female if she hangs out with just guys. I a guy hang out with just females then he is gay. I have heard it all. Why can’t we jut be comfortable around each other. Guys who hang out with a […]

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Type of Liars

Lying is such a normal thing now between the two sexes. We all lie. Some people take it to the max and some tell minor lies. People who do crimes lie to the max because they don’t wanna go to jail but they take it so far. Here are the types of liars… The Bad […]

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