Day 12: Diet and Workout

I am really relaxed right now while writing this post. I had breakfast and lunch with a workout. I accomplished my running today as well. For breakfast I ate…

Eggs, 1 French toast, 1 biscuit and a orange juice

I went to class after breakfast then got a cold drink from Starbucks. I get a lot of exercising walking around the campus as well. I really be out of breath so that cold drink really helped even though it was freezing outside. From Starbucks I got…

A medium mango dragon fruit refresher with lemonade

That drink is so good! You guys have to get it. It is so refreshing. I ate lunch afterwards and got really full even though I didn’t finish it. For lunch I ate…

General Tso’s Tofu, 1 Veggie Burger, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, and a salad

I got full then waited 30 minutes and then went to the gym. I had to work off the Starbucks drink and the orange juice. I worked out for 30 minutes today and it felt good. I did…

15 minute power walk on the treadmill

1 minute stair Master

Ran 2 laps

Walked 2 1/2 laps

5 Minute Jog Machine


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