Day 10: Diet and Workout

Today I did something new. I did a workout that was so painful but It was amazing. I took a spin class! I have always wanted to take spin classes but never did. There was a class at 6:15am this morning until 7am sunrise so I went to it. My butt hurt really bad but in a good way. I’m lying, Im in pain but Im okay. My workout was..

45 Minute Spin Class

I was in too much pain to go to the gym after class but Im going tomorrow. I had a nice breakfast. I ate…

2 Ripe Bananas, Eggs, 1 French Toast Whole Grain Cheerios with Soy Milk, and a Glass of Water

I had a nice lunch afterwards. For lunch I ate… A veggie Burger, Rice with veggie gumbo, corn on the cob and water. By the way, that isn’t my salad. it was my friend salad.

I had snacks to eat on after class and for the day. I snacked on…

100% Whole Grain Wheat Thins and Tropical Fruit & Nut Trail mix


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