Day 9: Diet and Workout

I feel good! I woke up and stretched then ate breakfast. It’s good that I have morning classes because I am forced to wake up. For breakfast I ate…

2 Bananas, 1 Biscuit, Eggs

I got full plus I love bananas. I try to eat bananas every day. For lunch I ate… A salad, hummus, pickled veggies, 1 veggie burger and a small orange juice.

It look like a lot and It was. A full healthy meal. I got full and couldn’t finish it of course. I ate until I got full. It was really good. I am really starting to like hummus.

My Workout

15 Minute Treadmill Incline Walk, 2 Laps on track Walk, 2 Minutes on Stair master, 25 Shoulder Press, 5 Minute Jog walk/ Power Walk

I love working out now. I am trying to get use to using the weight. My arms feel like jelly afterwards.


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