Anger annoyed Life

Worthy News

So I have been watching the news everyday and I specifically like watching vice news. They tell all the real stuff going on outside of this country. I have seen so much. Crazy, sad, humiliating stuff that no one should have to go through. Im so serious when I say this, the problems in america are not that serious! We deal with racism, hate, robbery, ignorant murders but people are literally dying for no reason in other places. I just can’t take anyone serious anymore. My problems aren’t even serious. I complain, and for what. Women and children are literally getting killed for just being there.

Specifically, Uganda, Israel, china and some other places got me thinking like that. I cried so much watching these documentaries. I complain like I have nothing when they seriously have nothing. That’s crazy when you think of it. We don’t have problems like other countries but I just wish that they would report it more so more people can see it. I never see any of this in our regular news. It’s all politics.

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