My Problems With People Speech

There are so many ways to speak. Im not talking about your native language but Im talking about what you say. I always listen to how people speak because it amazes me. I don’t curse in public or even by myself because it sounds weird. I have a sister who is going to law school but her language is ridiculous. I told her and she laughs like it’s funny. It might be but to me, Just clean it up in public. She says I speak like a “white person”. So stereotypical of her. White people do have better language in public, it’s true sometimes.

When I hear a girl say my n****, I laugh out of pity. This is just my opinion. I use to say it when I was younger, don’t know why. I was stupid. A female saying it just sounds so aggressive to me. My sister says it in public and she curses in public like it’s nothing and she is trying to get into a big profession. You shouldn’t even go into a career like that. I told her how it is, but just being professional because you still have to get a job. Just try to be respectful in public.

When a guy say my b****, I am immediately done. How dare you call a female that. That tells me that you aren’t serious or just trying to be cool. There be women who answer to that and your crazy if you do. Women shouldn’t have to do that. That’s basically when a girl says my n****. It’s the same thing but calling a female a b**** is a big no! Society is so crazy now because music is like that and it makes people do exactly that.

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