Day 7: Diet and Workout

Such a great day. I ate good food and had a 40-50 minute workout. My arms hurt but I feel good. For brunch I ate…

Eggs, 1 Biscuit, a salad, hummus + 4 homemade potato chips for dipping (I didn’t finish the chips) and water

I got full off that then I went to the gym at 3 pm. I did a 15 minute incline walk on the treadmill, 3 laps on the track walk, 12 minute jog (I was drenched in sweat), 25 Squats, 20 Pec Fly, 38 Shoulder Press, and 10 Chess Press. I ate dinner after that. For dinner I ate…

Potatoes, A veggie Burger, A salad, pasta with white sauce, and a glass of water

I am full and I am not gonna eat for the rest of the day. If I get hungry, I will snack on trail mix or some light popcorn.

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