Day: January 19, 2020

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Day 7: Diet and Workout

Such a great day. I ate good food and had a 40-50 minute workout. My arms hurt but I feel good. For brunch I ate… Eggs, 1 Biscuit, a salad, hummus + 4 homemade potato chips for dipping (I didn’t finish the chips) and water I got full off that then I went to the […]

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My Problems With People Speech

There are so many ways to speak. Im not talking about your native language but Im talking about what you say. I always listen to how people speak because it amazes me. I don’t curse in public or even by myself because it sounds weird. I have a sister who is going to law school […]

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Worthy News

So I have been watching the news everyday and I specifically like watching vice news. They tell all the real stuff going on outside of this country. I have seen so much. Crazy, sad, humiliating stuff that no one should have to go through. Im so serious when I say this, the problems in america […]

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