My Fear of Uber: Experience

Funny story, I have never took a uber alone. Im just too scared to. So my older sister came from Atlanta Ga to come to my graduation. I stayed with her in the city because I didn’t wanna go home. Im from a dead town with nothing to do so we stayed in a nice hotel in the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. She is from the city so she takes uber a lot. Im not used to it. So the night after graduation, my sister took me out to eat and to get some drinks. Im 21 yrs old so dont worry, Im legal. She called a uber and I was already laughing because it was weird. When the guy pulled up, it just felt weird. I have never took a public bus, taxi, subway or anything else so I can’t act natural around strangers.

When we got in, my sister told me to get in after her because I was nervous. I was already done because of the music. They driver was a middle aged big boned (not muscle) white guy. He was playing the song “back that a** up”. I swear I was about to cry laughing. Maybe it was because we are black or he just like that song. It is a weird choice to drive with strangers around with plus it was so loud. My sister kept texting me because it was so funny. The guy said he was a gay fireman and you know I dont judge. I support everything and everyone. He kept telling us about how much he make on uber. I swear he was talking about it the entire trip. It was so annoying. We finally arrived at the restaurant and I told my sister “what was that?” It was weird.

The next guy was when we had to get picked up. I swear this guy was a creep. His car smelled weird and he was like 60yrs old. He had a sign in his car that said “don’t drop anything but a tip”. I wish I had laughing emojis. Me and my sister was texting the entire time. I couldn’t wait until we got dropped off. He kept talking in a quiet voice about car accidents and we never replied. He just kept talking to himself. I was like never again.

I don’t know if I will ever use uber again. I need to get my license. I know it’s funny but yes, I dont drive. I really need to now because Im in college. Like b**** get it together. There are just people who creep me out.


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