Day 6: Diet and Workout

I feel so refreshed you guys! I woke up and went to the huge gym on my campus so that I can start working out. I was like, I have nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to do today so why not. It is perfect weather outside so I just went. It was my first time in the gym here and Im gonna go every weekend plus 3 or 4 times a week. My dorm is literally next to it. I feel so great right now. I ate a healthy brunch today and I got really full. For brunch I ate…

1 Biscuit, I blueberry pancake topped with some granola, eggs, a salad with: lettuce, cucumber, a little shredded cheese, broccoli, black olives, tomatoes, cottage cheese and light dressing and a glass of water

I got really full from that so for dinner, I am going to eat a veggie burger with a salad. After working out and getting food, I feel so refreshed. I was starving after working out so that hit the spot. At the gym, I did 20 squats, 15 minutes incline walk on the treadmill and 2 laps power walking around the track walk.

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