Day: January 18, 2020

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My Fear of Uber: Experience

Funny story, I have never took a uber alone. Im just too scared to. So my older sister came from Atlanta Ga to come to my graduation. I stayed with her in the city because I didn’t wanna go home. Im from a dead town with nothing to do so we stayed in a nice […]

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Online Dating: The Fear

One of my biggest fears is online dating because you don’t know what will happen. It’s weird to me. Im so scared you guys because I want to meet people but some friends say to download tinder. I don’t trust apps because it’s just too creepy. I have seen too many dateline episodes to not […]

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Fresh friends Life

Best Thing About Being Single

As a single person right now, I have a lot of good relaxing moments by myself. Not in a sexual way (sometimes) but I love being single. I am a single female who loves the single life at this moment. You can do so much when your single. Im only 21 yrs old so this […]

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college Life

Impossible to Sleep in College

College is already stressful enough because of the classes then they tell you that you should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep everyday. That is so impossible that it’s funny. I guess it depends on the person and the amount of work. I have so much work that I can’t sleep that much. I stay […]

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Day 6: Diet and Workout

I feel so refreshed you guys! I woke up and went to the huge gym on my campus so that I can start working out. I was like, I have nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to do today so why not. It is perfect weather outside so I just went. It was my first […]

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