Having roommates can be good and bad situations. The good things are that you can meet new people who would probably end up being your best friends. You get to know everything about one another because you will be living together. The bad thing is that, they can be rude or even mess with your stuff. There have been cases that roommates intentionally try to hurt one another. That is just crazy.

You never want want a stranger to mess with your stuff. That is why it is best to get to know them first. Do not put your stuff out in the open until you are comfortable with them because I have had roommates who touch my stuff. If you like to put your stuff away in your own space then that is perfect as long as your comfortable. I personally hate living people. I have a roommate now but we have our own room with a shareable living room area in our dorm. I like this style of dorms because you still have your own private living area.

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