Day 5: Diet

Today has been awful. Just because I had an allergic reaction to something and I missed breakfast because of it. I missed breakfast and class today. I couldn’t even leave my dorm until my swelling went down. If I did eat breakfast today, I would have gotten some oatmeal, eggs, and a banana. I was so hungry you guys. My face went down around noon so I was able to eat lunch. I ate…

1 piece of Salt and Pepper fish, some corn with sauteed onions, potato wedges, a piece of grilled cheese, a salad and a small apple juice

I didn’t finish it all because I got really full. I was so hungry (lol). The only reason I was hungry is because I missed breakfast. That is why I eat breakfast everyday. I will probably eat a salad for dinner or just eat some hummus with a salad.

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