Day: January 17, 2020

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Community College Food vs University Food

I have sooooooooooooooooooooo much to say about this! I have recently got my associates at a community college and I am now working on my bachelors at a university. You wouldn’t believe how different the food is. The school I went to had on campus housing so I had a meal plan as do I […]

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college Life

Introverted vs Extroverted

I am a introverted person all the way. I love being alone. I like the quietness because it let me focus on what I want to do. Since I like to plan things, being alone is perfect for me. When I say being alone, I mean away from my family. They help me from a […]

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Opening Up?

There are always people telling you throughout life that you should open up more. I never understood that. Why do you have to open up if you don’t want to. Maybe they should close down more. I honesty hate when people say that because there are many types of people and most are quiet. I […]

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Day 5: Diet

Today has been awful. Just because I had an allergic reaction to something and I missed breakfast because of it. I missed breakfast and class today. I couldn’t even leave my dorm until my swelling went down. If I did eat breakfast today, I would have gotten some oatmeal, eggs, and a banana. I was […]

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Having roommates can be good and bad situations. The good things are that you can meet new people who would probably end up being your best friends. You get to know everything about one another because you will be living together. The bad thing is that, they can be rude or even mess with your […]

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