Anxiety is something we all deal with throughout life. It can be more severe for most people but It can also be stressful. Anxiety usually start at an young age and progressively gets worse if you do not get help for it or talk about it. It can start with speaking in front of people. That is where most people tend to get nervous first. More examples are meeting new people, failing grades and just going though life. Life can be stressful enough but when you add this to the picture, it can be tough. This is the reason why having close friends and family by your side is good. Anyone to talk to can help you. If your not a people person, you can start writing in a journal. I deal with anxiety on a daily basis while in college. Last semester, I had to face my fears and take a oral communication class and all we did were speeches. My stomach was hurting through every last speech I gave. I even did a speech on anxiety which helped because I got good feedback. Positivity helps with anxiety so that you can feel good about yourself.

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